Monday, 26 September 2011

Take2Teq launches new range of solar backpacks and bags

Take2Teq has launched a new range of solar backpacks and laptop cases to compliment the needs of travelling executives and students who require power supply while on the move. Keep your smartphone, iPod, camera and laptop charged while your are out and about! We are launching our own range of cases under the Take2teq brand and also the US manufacturer Voltaic.

Well worth a look if you need power while on-the-go!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Teltonika personal and asset tracking devices

Take2Teq is offering the latest range of Teltonika's personal and asset tracking devices. The trackers provide a level of comfort and businesses that they can track family, vehicles and personnel at all times.

Teltonika has a range of gps trackers that offer different levels of functionality to support the requirements and needs of companys and individuals. Check out the full range on Take2Teq.

Take2Teq offers Micronet VoIP gateways, telephones and IP PBX systems

Take2Teq  has seen the increase in demand for low call cost solutions, so we have partnered with Micronet to offer their comprehensive range of VoIP gateways, IP telephones and IP PBX systems. These solutions compliment the needs of small SME/SOHO enterprises to large corporations that would like to implement a VoIP system and low cost call provider into their company's infrastructure.

Take2Teq web site is launched

Take2Teq web site is up and running! The web site will be offering new and innovative products from worldwide vendors to provide  the latest in devices and mobile data solutions. Our customers can expect a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones, rugged devices, GPS tracking solutions, mobile data devices, IP surveillance, VoIP devices and wireless networking. Keep your eyes peeled for new product launches!

Welcome to the blog of Take2Teq

Welcome to the blog of Take2Teq the home of performance carbon fiber bike components. We have created the blog to anounce new products and up and coming events that might be of interest to our customers and followers.